surrender # 6 Being the sixth issue of Surrender: A Journal of Ethics

Friday, August 06, 2004 :::
I've Been Living a Lie

I've been pretending that this was merely the sixth issue of my beloved xeroxed folded-over 8 1/2 x 11 zine from the mid-'90s. I didn't want to admit it was no longer the mid-'90s. I was so trim then. Certain restaurants that are no longer open were open. I still enjoyed new records. I didn't spend 90 percent of my life "online."

But it's not a zine. It's a web site. Some might even call it a blog. I'm looking reality square in the face and not flinching. At least for right now.

The traumatic shock that brought this to my attention was the release this week of my own first book, This is Burning Man. Perhaps some jackass will be writing half-remembered inappropriate comments on their own web site years down the line about my years of love, sweat, and ephedra. I can only hope.

I realized that the book represented far more effort than this zine, web site, whatever ever has. (Check the last time I updated it.) I do still intend to return to my task of writing about every book I read two years ago. (I may reduce each review to one sentence, or perhaps even some specific number of words. Not 17 though, because that would be haiku, and I still have my pride, even if I don't have my zine.)

But I'm breaking my little delusional fantasy world to tell anyone still reading this that they can read me doing actual pretty-much-daily pureblogging regarding my book, its fate, reviews, news, events, etc. at what I am calling, to my shame, my Burning Blog.

And here's the dedicated web site for the book.

And here's how to buy it.

And here's a radio program that did the first half hour dedicated to it, The Liberated Space.

I have to go now. We must sail again together soon. Your charm and good fellowship have been a succor; I thank you sincerely. I hope to return soon. When I do, this shall once again be a zine, not a blog.

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Being the sixth issue of Surrender: A Journal of Ethics

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